About Lake & Skye

Lake & Skye is modern and conscious beauty, simple in its essence. From the signature fragrance and aromatherapy blends to the floral waters, their products are responsibly created.

Inspired by contemporary women, and rooted in wellness, Lake & Skye is designed to enhance and elevate her every day.

Lake & Skye began when founder Courtney Somer had her first daughter and learned to use the power of essential oils for healing. A long-time lover of fragrance and aromatherapy, she created simple and intentional blends, a creative outlet with a purpose that complimented motherhood. Somer envisioned the blends as gifts to give yourself to use throughout the day, whether you needed an extra boost of confidence, a moment of gratitude or to balance mind and body. The rollerballs were crafted specifically for a woman on the go. No matter where she went or what she was doing, these blends, small enough for a purse, yet big enough to transform and center, were by her side.