Studio Rental Policies


NO STANDING ON OR ITEMS ON FURNITURE. A substantial cleaning fee or replacement fee will be added to booking for guests who stand on, dirty damage our furniture.

NO SMOKING, NO VAPING, NO CANDLE BURNING, NO INCENSE in studio AND building, NO HAZE OR FOG MACHINE (or anything that could trigger the smoke detectors/fire alarms). Miscellaneous fee of $250 for smoking inside the studio and building. 

NO feathers, glitter, confetti, sand, wedding rice, flour, paint, aerosol spray cans, fireworks, weapons, and other items deemed unacceptable by the venue owner (when in doubt, please ask). An additional extensive clean up fee will be charged for violations to restore the studio and for downtime.. No Exceptions 

NO LOUD MUSIC. Music may ONLY be played at lounge level. Failure to respect the space and surrounding business by playing loud music will result in the early termination of booking.

NO PETS ALLOWED. No exceptions, no Pets are allowed in the space. Turn up with Pet, booking will be immediately canceled.

NO FOOD AND DRINK to be consumed on our furniture. Food and drink consumption only allowed using our fold up furniture. Any spillages incurred will result in substantial fee added to booking.


NO use of the hallways for storage/setup or photography permitted.

NO drilling holes into the walls, ceiling and doors is prohibited (no screws, hooks or anchors); only 3M command strips (double-sided tape) is allowed on the walls and must be fully removed. No duct tape, only gaffers or painters tape.

NO ROOFTOP ACCESS. Do not attempt to open the armed door or the building alarm will be triggered; fines will be charged to the production.

DO NOT hang or tape or cover the fire pipes or sprinklers. Full restoration damage charges and/or a minimum fine of $500 per occurrence will be charged for failure to comply. LAFD fines will be charged to the renter.

NO PHOTO SHOOTING ON THE FIRE ESCAPE LADDER AND BALCONY. LAFD regulations prohibit the use of the fire escape ladder and balcony for no9n-emergencies matters. Non-emergency access is strictly prohibited (no photography, filming, or smoking). LAFD/LAPD fines will be charged to the renter.


There are security cameras inside the space that will be used only if necessary when peerspace asks for proof of footage, like damages, late departures and safety concerns.


Renter is responsible for leaving the space in the same condition as prior to commencement. Reasonable damage charges will be deducted from your security damage deposit or billed within 72 hours via Peerspace.